October 14, 2013

Highlander offense too much to handle


Lawton-MacArthur quarterback Will Collins showed how much a passer can rip a defense apart given enough time.

He threw for 292 yards and four touchdowns to lead the Highlanders to a big 56-21 win over Chickasha Friday night, connecting on 18 of 26 passes to seven different receivers. It was a rough night for a Fightin' Chicks defense already missing a few key players.

"They're offensive line is huge, so that made it difficult," head coach Tom Cobble said. "However you line up defensively, they're going to call the play to match it. We couldn't do a whole lot of that because we're a little banged up."

This translated into 29 first downs for Lawton-Mac, compared to Chickasha's 15. Still, the Highlanders possessed the ball only a minute longer, meaning they were simply able to do more with their time and it wasn't always a case of the defense not making a stop.

"That's they're offensive game play; the quarterback can run, their running back can certainly run, and they've got the guys out wide in the slots. Defensively, as a team, we've got to tackle better. Part of that is technique, and another part of that is strength. That's something we've been working on for years, and if we just keep working on getting stronger, we'll be fine."

It wasn't a terrible night for Chickasha on offense, either. Quarterback Cade Morris led the ground attack once again, with 82 yards off of 18 attempts for two touchdowns. Josh Latham was just behind him with 77 yards from 10 carries. There was even a passing touchdown, as Morris connected with Taray Thomas, who totaled three catches for 82 yards.

"Offensively, we played very well," Cobble said. "Our offensive line is the most experienced part of our team, and Cade does a good job of running things."

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