August 5, 2011


Driver shares venture of tractor pulling


Plenty of loud engines lurked the rodeo arena grounds of the fairgrounds Thursday night.


It came from tractors and various re-built vehicles, pulling a two-car-length type sled, which varied from 20,000 to 38,000 pounds, down a dirt track in the Grady County Outlaw Tractor Pull.


Robert Polson of Springfield, Neb. and his family were among those using their vehicles.


Polson competed with his tractor, known as "Blue Can Fever," a New Holland type model. He won first place in the Unlimited Like-Super Stock Division, the first to compete in the event. The Nebraska resident won in a field of three contestants, pulling the sled at a distance of 315.94 feet. 


The sport of tractor-pulling is like a hobby for Polson. 


"We win money, but it is an expensive hobby. That's all it is. We have four-dollar fuel, and if you do good, you can almost pay for the fuel expenses. We do it for the love of the sport, travel and that's our vacation time in the summertime and we really enjoy it.


The most Polson has ever won in any pull competition is $1,000. He earned another grand with the win last night as that was the amount each division winner took home. 


His Blue Can Fever vehicle consists of a 504 motor, three turbo chargers on methanol alcohol, and produces right at 4,000 horsepower. 


"It's just  a fun ride. We just like horsepower. We like speed," Polson said. 


It's been 34 years since Polson began competing in tractor pulls. Now he competes at different events across the country. 


"I started pulling when I was 16," he said. 


"I started out, originally, with farm-pulling, like a lot of farmers do as they come up through the ranks. I was with the Nebraska Bush Pullers for several years. I was president of that organization, and we've pulled in the National Tractor Pull Association and now the Outlaw Tractor Pull Association, so we belong to a lot of different groups."

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