July 16, 2013

Twins take to kayaking, outdoors together



More than fishing buddies, the sisters are mirror twins. Some features they share as mirror twins include a near identical mole, but on the opposite side of each other's faces as well as one being right handed and the other being left handed. 

"So, in a mirror, we really are mirror twins," Cockrum said. 

Both women said they really don't expect people to be able to tell them apart, and that they understand from their own encounters with twins that mistakes happen.

In the case of a mixup, the twins say they are not offended and usually don't correct the mistaken party. Instead they act as representatives to the other and relay the message to the correct twin. They do this because they don't want to make anyone feel bad for confusing one for the other.

The two once sent their mother the same birthday card--each card bought from different stores. And while some might cringe at the prospect of showing up somewhere in the same outfit, for Howard and Cockrum, it's not a faux pas. It's just part of the territory. 

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