July 16, 2013

Twins take to kayaking, outdoors together


What's 10 to 12 feet long, sometimes catches fish and comes in pairs? Kayaking twins, of course. 

"Being twins, we are never lacking for adventure," Janice Cockrum, twin to Janet Howard, said. 

The pair are doubly interested in fishing as well as kayaking. 

Cockrum recently kayaked her way into first place in her division in the 32nd Annual Memphis Tennessee Canoe and Kayak race on the Mississippi River on June 15. She paddled down the river, encouraged by shouts of "Boomer Sooner" along the way. 

Cockrum learned about the kayaking competition from her son, Colton Cockrum, who works for Memphis University. There were about 250 to 300 competitors in the 32nd Annual Memphis Tennessee Canoe and Kayak race.

This was her first competition. She said the river was very swift. 

"I wondered if I knew what I was getting myself into," Cockrum said. 

Cockrum said that this year she is excited to train for more competitions down the line, as kayaking is excellent exercise, good for the waist and a great cardiovascular workout. 

Other than exercise, Cockrum said that she and her husband, as well as her twin sister and her husband, all enjoy kayaking together. 

Cockrum introduced her husband to kayaking because both enjoy the outdoors. They explored the North Fork Lake in Arkansas together. They've taken a white water course and taken lessons in Broken Bow. 

Twins, sisters as well as next-door neighbors, Howard and Cockrum engage in their favorite activities together including horse riding, gardening, quilting and, of course, fishing.

Being twins makes for some interesting coincidences. Both Cochran and Howard have careers in public schools in Grady County. Howard is a kindergarten teacher at Friend School and Cockrum is a Chickasha Public School nurse. 

However, Cockrum said her twin sister is about to out-fish her. Howard recently caught an impressive 15 and a half pound striper.

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