June 21, 2013

Fightin' Words: Oklahoma City FC perfectly represents the state that should support it



We all have dreams, or at least strive for something that will take us further in life. In the early stages of this great nation, people just like the Oklahoma City FC players wanted more from their life. What's more, they wanted the ability to chase what they wanted.

Some of those people came from abroad to become American and chase that dream. Those same kinds of foreigners can be found on an Oklahoma City FC roster.

Lately, many people say Americans, particularly the youth, have lost touch with this idea. They want things to be easy and have jobs, money, benefits, a perfect life essentially given to them.

Those who know America know that is not how life works. Oklahoma FC City players are a living example. And yet, they keep going.

Aren't those the people, the hard workers and big dreamers, the ones who deserve our attention, our gratitude, and our help?

Tickets start at $10, they play Austin at home this weekend, and it all goes toward an organization that keeps the American dream going for those willing to work. What better argument do you need?

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