April 17, 2013

Ford shows leadership for Fightin' Chicks

The Express-Star

— The Chickasha High School boys soccer team was down at halftime, and head coach Scott Parkinson was looking for a leader to step up.

Goalkeeper Harrison Ford, one of the Fightin' Chicks' seniors, was the one to step up and rally the team together, and Chickasha beat Durant 2-1 on the road Tuesday night.

Chickasha got down 1-0 to the Lions after Durant scored on an early corner kick, sending Chickasha to the halftime locker room with a road comeback attempt on their hands.

"Instead of getting into the boys at halftime, I kind of wanted to read their reaction and see if they could work it out, and see if we could have someone step up, and it seemed to me Harrison was the guy who brought everyone together," Parkinson said. "He was the one telling people how they needed to perform, where we were going wrong, and what he expected of his teammates. Last night we saw another side of him, that he's not only an athlete but he's a leader."

Chickasha scored two goals in the second half. The first came from Devin Warden, on an assist by Cooper Mosley. Mosley scored the second goal on a penalty kick.

Ford had nine saves in the game, and Parkinson said even the goal that was scored was something that he couldn't reasonably expect to be saved.

This is Ford's first season playing goalkeeper, but has taken to it quickly. Parkinson said Ford is just a natural athlete.

"He's just a special kid," Parkinson said. "I'm guessing he's one of those kids who you could take to the driving range, and he's never hit a ball in his life, and he'll hit it right down the range. Or you could play ping-pong with him and you wouldn't score a point on him. He just seems so natural at reading the ball and understanding how games should be played."

Chickasha is now 7-3 this year, and 4-1 in district games. That record puts the Chicks right in the playoff hunt, although El Reno and Altus are also still in the hunt.

"I basically looked at the last five to six years, and every team that has had four wins in the district with seven games has progressed," Parkinson said. "It may actually go down to goal difference, and as it stands, I think we're leading both on goal difference. As it stands, it's looking good for us.

Chickasha will play at Lawton MacArthur at 7:30 p.m. Friday.