March 4, 2013

Four powerlifters qualify for state

— The Chickasha High School powerlifting team will send three competitors to the state meet after they placed in the regional competition.

John Phillips, Josh Latham and Shaq Oliver placed third, fourth and fifth respectively.

John Phillips competed in the 275 pound class, and squatted 515 pounds, bench pressed 330 pounds, and deadlifting 530 pounds.

Josh Latham placed fourth in the 220 pound class with a 425 pound squat, a 275 pound bench press and a 475 pound deadlift.

Shaq Oliver placed fifth in the 145 pound class  with a 295 pound squat, 245 bench press and 380 pound deadlift.

Austin Valdez, who qualified for state with an at-large bid, squatted 385, bench pressed 275 pounds and deadlifted 450 pounds.

"Wrapped up another good powerlifting season for the Chickasha football team," coach Allen Coley said. "This is the first year that we had more than five lifters. I think it gave everybody an opportunity to see some of the kids that we play and how hard they are working as well."

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