April 18, 2014

Fightin' Words: Lessons from sports, even in tragedy



By that night, authorities counted 96 Liverpool fans dead. They then embarked on a series of myths and lies, concocting tales of drunk fans breaking down the outside gate and causing their fellow supporters to suffer. Toxicology reports proved otherwise, but the courts never did hold anyone accountable.

For 25 years, the families of those 96 victims -- the youngest of which was ten -- have fought for justice only to have the system reject them until recently. Finally a new inquiry has brought new evidence that suggests the deaths can be reclassified from accidental and someone or some group can be held accountable.

Week-in and week-out, we watch athletes from high school, to college, to professional fight against the odds on the field or court. Yet it is difficult to apply that to our daily lives because it all just seems so impossible. In sport, as in life, there are things that simply hinder us and things that people use to hinder us.

Our job is to have the wisdom to tell between the two, accept the things that just happen, and finally fight for what we can change and never, ever surrender.

Justice for the 96.

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