October 1, 2012

Chicks find their wings on offense



"We kind of altered our passing game to suit him, which is a little shorter, medium-range stuff, not throwing the ball down the field quite as much, which isn't his strong point," Cobble said.

Friday against Capitol Hill, Morris went 8-for-10 for 198 yards and two touchdowns, and with a big lead didn't even throw the ball in the second half.

One thing Morris has done, which is crucial to any offense, is avoid mistakes, said Cobble.

"He's coming along every week," Cobble said. "As I grade him, he doesn't make many mistakes at all. He's running the option well, making the right decision, and getting us in the right set and the right play."

The Chicks have been working to develop more targets for Morris, in addition to leading receiver Shaq Oliver, who has a majority of the receptions and yards.

"Brandon Wright has moved to that wideout/tight end and is doing a good job, and we've inserted Deshawn Young into our offense more and we need to get him the ball more," Cobble said.

Cobble also mentioned Ryan Mosley, Neff and T.J. Filer as other targets who may get more looks as the season progresses.


Special teams struggles


One area that didn't go as well as planned on Friday was the kicking game. The Fightin' Chicks scored plenty of touchdowns, but missed four extra points.

Kicker Josh Yokum has done a good job on extra points for the most part throughout the season, but a change in the holder has caused somewhat of a transition period, said Cobble.

Chickasha is still looking for its best option at kicker, and Junior Avila got some chances to kick off and attempt an extra point on Friday.

"We have tryouts every week, to a certain extent," Cobble said. "That's just something we've got to continue to work on."

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