October 31, 2013

Chicks hope to kick Spartans down playoff ladder


The last two weeks of the season have Chickasha players, coaches, and fans taking out their calculators.

That's how slender the playoff race is heading into week 9. The Fightin' Chicks (3-5, 1-4) sit in sixth place in the eight-team 5A District 1, with Southeast (2-6, 1-4) behind them on regular season record only. Both are 1-4 in district heading into tonight's encounter, and both will have some eyes cast on results elsewhere.

Basically, Chickasha need to win both this weekend and next by 15 points or more to make up for the negative 10 point difference they have now and catch up to the teams ahead of them. That's the only way they can win while keeping their postseason fate at least somewhat in their own hands.

"We've had a good practice week, and the kids are well aware we need to win games and get the points necessary," Cobble said. "We've been spending a little more time watching film this past week, so that's helped us get well rested and recover from a few knocks."

Last time Chickasha went into the Oklahoma City metro area, they came away with a big win over Capitol Hill. While it may not be a big deficit this time, there's certainly reason to be optimistic as the Fightin' Chicks face a Spartan team very much in the rebuilding phase.

"They have a young quarterback and a young group of lineament that they're trying to work in," Cobble said. "Southeast used to have a pretty strong team, and they probably want to get back to that. They're biggest problem right now is youth."

And recently, the Fightin' Chicks have unlocked a new weapon on offense to boost their run game. Daniel Neff has been repositioned from wide receiver to running back, and it paid off last week against Del City. Neff recorded 62 yards on the ground, averaging 6.8 yards per carry. 

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