May 30, 2013

Owen tips Tuttle for baseball success

Adam Troxtell
The Express-Star

TUTTLE — Head Coach Travis Owen has a lot of faith in his up-and-coming Tuttle baseball players as the team embarks on its summer schedule.

After the Tigers reached the state semifinals earlier this month, few could blame him. Tuttle kicked off summer with a win over Chickasha in the Blanchard tournament, and their good form has continued as Owen welcomes back the majority of his team.

"We're good," Owen said. "We're probably the best team in Grady County, and certainly our area of the state. We will have a lot of players coming back. And Tuttle is just a good sports town."

But, the Tigers did lose a top player in Lane Paul, the team's starting catcher that led the way in batting.

"We lose a right-fielder, first baseman, and our catcher," Owen said. "Lane [Paul] was our best batter. But, we've got our number one pitcher back, we'll be better at second base and short-stop."

Owen said Paul has agreed to play for Murray State College in Tishomingo, but hinted larger universities were tracking the youngster.

"He's got a lot of big schools looking," Owen said. "It's great, and we've got a few more players looking at some schools also."

Tuttle has a varsity, junior varsity and junior high team playing summer games and tournaments. This weekend, the junior high players will travel to Moore for a tournament at a sports complex there.