September 19, 2013

Cache, Chicks to battle it out on the ground


The offense Chickasha coaches want to see -- which includes strong running backs bursting through the offensive line dragging a few tacklers and the occasional Cade Morris sprint downfield -- was on full display against El Reno last week.

With 256 rushes on 30 attempts, it's safe to say the Fightin' Chicks found their way forward. Fans should expect more of that in Cache tonight, but it won't just come from the boys in purple and white.

"They're an option team, and it's something different from the offenses we've faced so far," Chickasha head coach Tom Cobble said about the Bulldog run-oriented offense. "It targets the defensive end positions, but in a different way than we've seen. You have to be disciplined and know your assignments on defense. They're very efficient in that offense."

But Chickasha brings its own brand of ground attack down to Cache. On top of Cade Morris' 139 yards of rushing, Josh Latham added 82 yards, and there's still the threat that Tresjon Davis poses coming out of the backfield. Friday's matchup could easily be a tight affair decided by who's defensive line holds up.

"You spend a lot of time on assignments," Cobble said about the work the defense has put in this week. "We've been having our scout offense try and replicate what we'll see."

But it's not just a matter of running the other team into the ground, Cobble said. The Fightin' Chicks won't be too afraid to air it out when the time is right.

"We have the offense to run straight at people," Cobble said. "That will be the basis of our offense. But, we know that's something their defense will be looking for, so we've got to be good enough to take advantage of that."

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