November 15, 2013

Grady teams split in first week of playoffs



The Bluejays didn’t let their two touchdown lead go to their heads and came out flying. They quickly drove down the field behind Callins and mobile quarterback Reed Roberts. Evan Copeland pulled down Callins to keep Guthrie out of the end zone, but the field goal made it a 17 point lead.

From their own 20, Chickasha was slow out of the break and had to punt. This time, Guthrie did find the end zone. A screen pass caught the defense off guard, and Idae Alexander ran all of 59 yards for a touchdown. Oron Bowman stepped up to block the point after attempt, but it was a small consolation. The Bluejays were cruising, up 26-3 as the third quarter ended.

The longer the second half went, the further up against the great wall Chickasha was pushed. Alexander put them to the sword with a cutting run down the left, this time only 27 yards before crossing into the end zone. Callins got one more before it all ended off a 12 yard pass from Roberts to make it a rout.

Defending champs dominate in first round

The Blanchard Lions won their first playoff game of the postseason 76-13 against the Perkins-Tryon Demons. 

Blanchard’s first drive saw the Bulldogs move the ball with their running game. On the third play Senior Braden Stringer scored a touchdown with a long rushing play. 

After the Lions forced the Demons to punt they also were forced to punt on their next drive putting the ball on The Demons 12 yard line. Blanchard then stripped the ball on the Demon’s first play and was returned for a touchdown by Senior Jalan Daniels.

The first quarter saw three more scores from the Lions, with Senior Blake Owen thrwing two touchdown passes. One to Junior Colin Andrews and a 75 yards touchdown pass. 

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