November 25, 2013

Bulldogs fall with Overton out


The Apache Warriors advanced to the next round of the playoffs Saturday with a win over Minco 38-14.

Early in the first half, Minco senior Jacob Overton, who has been the lynchpin of the Bulldog offense all season, sustained a game-ending injury to his knee on a 27-yard run. The devastating setback put Apache in the ascendency for the rest of the contest.

The entire first quarter was a defensive back-and-forth from both teams, with each forced to punt early after just a few plays. The first score went Apache's way off a four yard run by Tyler Freeman.

With Overton out, Minco had to resort to contingency plans and try a few trick plays. Apache got the ball in Bulldog territory after stopping an attempted fake punt and then scored their second touchdown with a run by Jordan Littrell to put them up 16-0 early.

Jalen Domebo scored the Warriors' touchdown on a one yard run. Apache’s defense continued to force Minco to punt the ball for most of the first half.

The Bulldogs did score, and it came late in the second quarter with a 9 yard run by Matt Atkinson. Apache replied with a touchdown of their own in a 47 yard run by Damian Toles. 

In the second half the Warriors turned the ball over on threee straight drives but Minco was able to score on only one of those turnovers. The Warriors defense kept forcing punts and turnovers. 

Minco’s second and final score of the game came from a one-yard run by Ringo Garrett. 

After an interception by Jordan Littrell, Apache scored their last touchdown of the game with a 51-yard touchdown run by Littrell.

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