January 29, 2014

Clift to play softball for Seminole State



"It's so fast," Clift said of her year-and-a-half in the game. "It doesn't even seem like a year's time. I knew that if I wanted to go to a big school, like Division I, I wanted to work on softball."

And if this was fast for the player, it's certainly that way for parents, Kent and Lori Clift, who joined their daughter at the signing ceremony in the high school library on Tuesday. It is undoubtedly a proud moment, and it certainly could spell bigger things.

"I think she definitely has the potential to reach that level," Flores said. "She's got to work, but if she does all the things right, she'll be absolutely prepared."

Academically, Clift said she's mostly undecided on what to study when she starts at Seminole in the fall. She said sports science interests her, but for now softball and basics are the main focus.

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