May 30, 2013

Metcalf named new USAO basketball coach

CHICKASHA — After nearly 15 seasons with the Drovers, coach Vinson Metcalf has taken the reins after being named head coach of the USAO men’s basketball program on Thursday.

“First and foremost, I’d like to give all praises to my lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Metcalf said. “I am so ecstatic to be the head men’s basketball coach at USAO. I know there are responsibilities that come with it, but I am ready.”

“I have to thank President John Feaver, vice president Monica Treviño, vice president Mike Coponiti, vice president Dex Marble and all the people on the committee … to allow me this opportunity to represent the university as the basketball coach,” Metcalf added.

Treviño, vice president for enrollment management and student affairs, said Metcalf was a great choice for the university because of his experience both at the institution and in the league.

“We are excited about Coach Metcalf becoming USAO’s sixth head coach. He’s been with USAO for 15 years and brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience in NAIA basketball,” Treviño said. “He understands the mission for the university and is committed to working with us to fulfill it.”

Metcalf said he is more than happy to step into the shoes of long-time head coach Brisco McPherson, under whom he served for nearly a decade and a half. McPherson spent 22 seasons as the head coach.

“My response is that’s going to be very difficult for me because he wears an 11.5, and I wear a 10.5,” he said with a classic Metcalf chuckle. “So I have to make sure my shoes are filled and everything else will fall into place.”

Metcalf credits McPherson for preparing him to step into the high profile position by allowing him authority on the floor and guidance throughout his years at USAO.

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