May 24, 2013

Booze-filled grad party leads to arrests, field damage

Adam Troxtell
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Three 18-year-olds were arrested and thousands of dollars of damage was reportedly done during what police and Chickasha school officials believe was a graduation party gone awry Wednesday night at the football practice field.

Yesterday morning, school officials discovered tire tracks on the field where suspects had driven their cars across it while doing donuts and sharp turns, skidding across the once smooth surface.

"I guess since it's graduation week, we had a large group of kids go out there last night," Chickasha head football coach Tom Cobble said. "It was a little more than it should have been, and they ended up damaging our practice field pretty good."

Chickasha police responded to the scene late last night, where they found as many as 200 teens at the practice field who told them they were at a school sanctioned event. Later that evening, after a car leaving the field was stopped and had a beer can inside of it, officers returned and arrested three young men for public intoxication.

Dearius Neff, Jon William Henley, and Taran Andrew Womack, all 18, were booked into Grady County Jail for public intoxication early Thursday morning.

Cobble said from what he and other school officials have gathered, the majority of the kids at the party were from Chickasha, many of them seniors.

"It was very few of our current football players," Cobble said.

The field will require repairs that could top $16,000, Athletic Director Yohance Brown said.

"It's not just the turf," he said. "It's the sprinkler system, these fields are taken care of in a special way; it's almost like starting over."

Brown also said it was probable some of the 200 students involved were Chickasha athletes.

"Everything that was damaged can be fixed," Brown said.