June 6, 2014

Fightin' Words: There's no reason to not watch America this summer



Clearly, none of this is true. Their end argument is that we have no chance of winning, so why bother? By that analysis, America should never have tried to form a country out of 13 colonies, take on the German war machine twice, take the Soviets head on in the Cold War, nor embark on an industrial revolution that would make it the economic pinnacle of the world for the next century. Our history is full of brave Americans who stared likelihood and probability in the face and simply said "This day is not yours; it is ours!"

I desperately encourage you on June 16 (5 p.m.), June 22 (6 p.m.), and June 26 (11 a.m.) to watch your team play. You don't have to watch all of the tournament, and you don't have to make a huge deal of it. But if you're near a TV, just put it on ESPN or ESPN2. I promise, it'll be worth it, even if only to watch these guys put on their shirt and represent you with everything they have.

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