October 10, 2013

Fightin' Words: Don't fire Mack...yet



But, if a program bides its time, accepts the suck for the remainder of the season, then acts to replace the system, they'll get all of the pros with almost none of the cons. The new guy gets his offseason and preseason to set up his system and find out how the players work within it. He has time to settle, acclimate, and evaluate the goals for the upcoming year.

The only downside is the team will probably still perform poorly for the next month-and-a-half or so. But to be honest, if the team is already at the point where you're considering firing the coach, the season was already lost a long time ago. 

Which brings up why Mack Brown is in such hot water. While it's expected they will continue to struggle, Texas is still in a pretty good place (2-0 in Big 12, 3-2 overall). If they do get an unlikely win on Saturday, all the talk of change will fade. Understandably, fans and alumni are upset and the administration is growing impatient. Let's just hope the once great Texas Longhorn football program acts with a calm, collected head; otherwise, the harm already done to its team will only get worse.

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