January 12, 2014

Alex girls win Longhorn Classic behind Anderson's 23 point outing

ALEX — The Alex girls capped three days of dominating the Longhorn Classic tournament by winning the final 62-50 over Binger-Oney, with three players scoring in double-digits.

Point-guard Holly Anderson had a Saturday night to remember, with 23 points, 5 assists and just two turnovers. Ashley Williams, who was named MVP of the tournament, scored 11 points while Jordan Washburn also scored 11.

It was clear from the start that long-range shooting would be the key in this game. Washburn had a couple of threes, as did Anderson, but Hannah Wilson kept the Lady Bobcats in the game with a pair from beyond the arc. A couple of jumpers from Anderson put Alex ahead 15-10 after the first quarter.

Williams then got hot in the second quarter. She was persistently dangerous around the lane, and perhaps more importantly was a force on the defensive board. Williams scored seven of her nine first half points in the second quarter and the Lady Longhorns took a 13 point lead into the break.

After sinking a few from long range in the first quarter, Wilson slowed down for the rest of the half. But Alex would do well to remember the serious threat she poses. She quickly sank two more from long range to spark a 12-3 run that had the Lady Bobcats back within three points of Alex halfway through the third quarter. Wilson finished the night with a team-leading 16 points.

Shaillie Gills also began to cause more trouble for Alex as the second half went on. Gills came away with 13 points and was a force down low in a game when that was hard to come across. Still, Anderson kept things moving and she put in two of her three from beyond the arc to cement the win for Alex.

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