June 5, 2013

Sooners lift softball title for their 'HOME'



While she struck out in the first inning, Ricketts made her second opportunity count and blasted the ball into far right-center for her 50th career home run. 

"I think it was coincidental that Keilani hit the home run to allow Michelle a little breathing room," Gasso said.

The three-run shot was a hammer blow to Tennessee and prompted a pitching change, as Ellen Renfroe, still feeling the effects of the previous night's extra-innings game, replaced her sister Ivy. 

Despite letting up only one more run and striking out five batters, Ellen could not produce the form that had left the Sooners scoreless for ten innings on Monday night.

"I was a little fatigued from yesterday, but nothing that's out of the ordinary," Ellen Renfroe said. "I felt confident coming into the game. I knew we had a shot, since we played them pretty close last night. I was just trying to give my team a shot by keeping the game close."

Tennessee head coach Ralph Weekly commended the Sooners on their all-around performance, saying they could even find success on the international stage.

"I spent 9 years with our national team, and I think that Oklahoma team would have beat most of the other countries we played," Weekly said. 

Weekly also admitted the Sooners' pitching change to Gascoigne threw off his team.

"It definitely impacted our plans. We knew it was a possibility, but we had never faced that pitcher," Weekly said. "We knew how good she was, but it's hard to find information on her. We tried, and it looks like we just weren't hitting, but our kids were trying and we made in game adjustments. She just pitched a great game."

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