Am-Po third baseman Josh Turner, the hitting hero of the Grady County tournament championship game, battles more than just hard grounders and inside fastballs.

The sophomore is an insulin-dependent diabetic and has battled the disease every day since being diagnosed with it at the age of six. He wears a pump device that continuously feeds insulin directly into his stomach to regulate his blood sugar but also has to also use the standard insulin shot at times.

The Type 1 diabetes has never slowed him down. He's played little league baseball every year since T-ball days, played some little league football for a few years and is currently on Am-Po's baseball and basketball teams.

To Josh, it's no big deal. When his blood sugar gets out of whack, he gets dizzy and feels sick to his stomach. An insulin shot or a candy bar will get him back to normal in a few minutes and he can get back in the game.

“He just doesn't quit,” mom Terry said. “He's never missed a game since he played T-ball.”

She showed up at the finals Saturday with a pouch of very big and nasty-looking needles “just in case.” She or dad Jimmy always have the emergency bag with them at all of Josh's games.

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