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  • By Tim Ahrens | CNHI News Oklahoma

A house fire that began after 2 p.m. Tuesday in Stillwater resulted in the death of one cat and another cat unaccounted for, according to Stillwater Fire Marshal Neal Moore. The residents had self evacuated. 

  • By David & Kay Scott CNHI News Service
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It’s a beautiful early-December day as we drive into California’s Mojave National Preserve during a two-week journey through the Southwest. Over the years, we have frequently traveled along the preserve’s fringes, but nearly always during the summer when temperatures in the desert were unbearable, at least for us. This can be a tough environment to visit, let alone live. When the weather cooperates, as it was this December, the Mojave is stunningly beautiful.

  • by Kay and David Scott | CNHI Travel Writers
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The Oregon Trail enters eastern Oregon midway between the state’s southern and northern borders, where it heads northwest toward present-day Pendleton. It then turns west to meet the Columbia River east of The Dalles. In the early years, pioneers traveling through eastern Oregon often looped north to present-day Walla Walla, Washington, where a mission offered a place to rest along with access to one of the trail’s few blacksmiths. This detour ended in 1847 following an Indian uprising.