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  • Michelle Charles | CNHI News Oklahoma

STILLWATER – The people who braved bitter cold to attend the annual Meet Your Legislators reception at the Stillwater Public Library Thursday evening were some of the same politically-involved citizens you’ll find at most civic gatherings in Stillwater. But that didn’t stop the organizers and legislators from thanking them for making the effort.

  • D.E. Smoot | CNHI News Oklahoma

"Mechanical malfunctions" and "significant disagreements" with a vendor delayed for nearly a week the already tardy mailing of this year's ad valorem tax statements to owners of property in Muskogee County. 

  • By Sean Rowley | CNHI News Oklahoma

Now that a new system of federal income tax assessment is imminent, many taxpayers are left to wonder if steps should be taken to lower their debt to Uncle Sam.

  • By James Coburn | CNHI News Oklahoma

Part of candidate for Lieutenant Gov. Matt Pinnell’s frustration regarding state budget reform is that some structural issues could have been addressed before 21,000 oil and gas jobs were lost in the state.

  • By James Neal | CNHI News Oklahoma

Amid an ongoing state budget crisis and slow economic recovery, local non-profits in 2017 have seen an increased demand for services and a decrease in donations.

  • Tahlequah Daily Press

Whatever the ultimate outcome of the Tax Cut and Reform Bill, two things can be stated with certainty: President Trump's claim that it is "very popular" is erroneous, and many middle-class taxpayers will feel an unpleasant sting come April 15, 2019.

  • By Tom Cole U.S. State Rep.

Our federal budget is a critical part of keeping our government functioning. It sets the boundaries and framework for how much money the feder…

  • By David Perryman

Maps are my passion. In another life, cartography would have been my chosen career. Getting from point A to point B is always exciting and app…