March 30, 2013

Continental Resources becomes part of Grady County community

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Continental Resources wants to do a lot more for Grady County than just excavate oil.

Senior Vice President of Operations Rick Muncrief said the energy giant said safety, education and leadership development have always been topics that resonated with the employees of Continental Resources.

"We think communities need good leadership and we always try to nurture good leadership," he said.

An example of such leadership is billboard advertisements that have gone up around Chickasha promoting safe driving techniques. This is a pilot program, according to Muncrief and it exemplifies the message Continental is trying to get across.

"When gas companies tend to think about safety, it's all about wells, but the reality is if I have a man who is working for us and he is operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner it doesn't help our bushiness," he said.

This also helps in getting Continental's name out in the community with a positive connotation, said Muncrief.

"We just opened a new office in Chickasha and some companies just like to open a big checkbook to get their name out there, but we like to be prudent with our time," he said. "You never know how successful these campaigns are, but if we can prevent one accident then you know it's the right thing."

Muncrief said it's important to note his company doesn't plan to go "over the top" with PSAs and advertisements noting Continental's existence in Grady County, but he does want the citizens to know they're here for the good of the community.

"These are all fairly new operations in this part of the world," he said. If you go to North Dakota, everyone knows about our company."

This mentality led Muncrief and Continental to hold a luncheon last week at the University of Science and Arts in Oklahoma that was geared toward educating people about Continental's mission.

"We have received several positive comments from the luncheon," he said. "We just talked about the SCOOP and a little bit about who we are."

Although Muncrief said he expects that Continental Resources will have a presence in Grady County for many years, he doesn't want to be too over zealous.

"It's still very early in the game and we are just getting started in this area," he said. "We don't want people to get too amped up, but we hope it's the first of many open dialogues that we have for many years to come."