February 21, 2013

Select Energy opens new local office

CHICKASHA — Select Energy will hold its grand opening today after soliciting property from the Chickasha Economic Development Corporation.

"Select Energy contacted the Chickasha EDC in October looking at several communities to house their newest facility that would service the SCOOP energy region," a release from the EDC reads. "They requested help identifying an appropriate building as well as an incentive package from the community they would ultimately choose. Ultimately, the Chickasha location was chosen."

Located at 2249 CS. 2810, Select Energy is currently looking to fill positions for plowback and water transfer positions according to SES Paylow Processor Kimberly Hogan. She said the jobs with water transfer involve some fracking and separating of water from oil.

"We have had somebody in this building since early December because this is going to be huge," Hogan said. "There will be lots of work."

The release from the EDC elaborated on the thought process involved in bringing Select Energy to the area.

"The incentive process used by the Chickasha Economic Development Council is based on new jobs created, the pay scale for these jobs, benefits, capital investment and economic impact to the community," the release stated. "This information is entered into a computer program that determines if the economic impact to the community is great enough to justify a monetary incentive, and if so what incentive should be given. The incentive must be revenue positive to the community, meaning that the economic benefit with be greater than the cost of the incentive.  The amount of any incentive given is based greatly on average wage of the new jobs created.  All incentives go through the same process, and are based on EDC board and City Council approval. The Chickasha EDC also offer state incentives if the company qualifies."

The release states that the possible $90,000 investment should return $402,295 in economic impact spread across various areas.

The incentive will be paid on new employees that have been with the company at least three months after receiving confirmation from Select Energy’s Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) Report that is turned in quarterly according to the release.

"This report contains information about employees that work out of the local facility and will allow me to track employment numbers and statuses," the release reads. "No money will be paid unless jobs are created.  After 30 jobs with the average wage of $45,000 are hired or four years have passed, the incentive will be completed."

Those interested in careers with Select Energy can pick up an application at the facility or call Kimberly Hogan at (405)222-0841.

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