Public Records

July 8, 2012

Public Records



$10,001 OR MORE

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Joshua McConnell, Desira G. McConnell, Steve A. Lemley, Monnie A. Lemley, foreclosure.

NCEP LLC vs. Danny Howell, money judgment.

McClain Bank vs. Lonnie Bewley, foreclosure.


Dustin W. Holt and Elizabeth A. Hannah.

Tracy P. Lagerquist and Amrah L. Johnson.

Roy W. Smith and Vicki R. Roma.

Jessie D. Skinner and Terri M. Taylor.


Amanda R. Manuel vs. Michael L. Manuel.

Monty D. McSperitt vs. Janna McSperitt.

Krystal Meiselback vs. Adam N. Meiselback.

Christie Rios vs. Manuel Rios.


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Public Records