September 1, 2012


Chickasha Police Reports

Aug. 30, 2012

• An assault and better with a dangerous weapon in the 1200 block of E. Choctaw Ave.

• Esther Lynn was arrested for no state driver’s license.

• Randy Curtis was arrested on a warrant and for obstructing an officer and Mary Brackeen was arrested for resisting an officer in the 1400 block of Iowa.

• A juvenile was arrested in the 2000 block of S. 1st St. for second degree burglary and larceny of an automobile.

Grady County Sheriff's Reports

Aug. 22-28

• A burglary was reported in Blanchard

• A warrant was served in Tuttle

• Christopher Reneau, Melissa Payne and Blaine Moore were arrested on charges of possession cds with intent/dui

• Amanda Hodge was arrested on a warrant.

• Dalton Bullington was arrested in Blanchard on a warrant.

• Maria Consuelo-Santiago was arrested for  possession of stolen property

• Burglary II  was reported in Bradley

• Burglary II was reported in Alex

• Burglary was reported in Amber

• Jeffery Long was arrested on charges of domestic assault AND battery.

• Grand larceny was reported in Minco

• A burglary was reported in Chickasha

• Breaking and entering was reported in Norge

Grady County Warrants

Grady County Sheriff’s Department, along with Grady County Court Clerk’s Office needs your help in locating these persons.  If you know where these persons are or want to take care of your warrant or warrants before lawmen come looking for you. Contact:  Grady County Sheriff’s Department at 405-224-0984 or go to our web site at gclec.Com and click on the submit a tip link and type in the information.  You can contact the Grady County Court Clerk’s Office at 405-224-7446 t0 make arrangements with the clerk.  County clerk accepts cash, credit card with id, and debit card with id, cashiers check, and money orders.  No personal checks accepted.

Warrants from 8/02/12 thru 8/30/12

Abbott, Brad

Allen, Carl Leo

Allen, Georgianna

Allen, Lacy Marie

Allison, Betty Marie

Alvarez, Otilio V

Alvarez, Rodrigo

Arrington, Angel Ann

Beets, Brandy Marie

Berman, Casey Tyler

Bernard, Garry Anthony

Bointy, Sallie Martha Jo

Booker, Craig

Boutwell, Karl Dean

Bowden, Tammy Sue

Bowman, Michael Luke

Brown, Michael Don

Brown, Ronald Stephen

Bryan, Kory Lane

Burdex, William Tyron

Burkett, Barkley Levi L

Burns, Wesley Dean

Cairns, Ashley Skye

Callahan, Lissa Dawn Marie

Campbell, Britney Nichole

Carter, Joye Michele

Cay, Amy Jolynn

Childers, Bruce Allen

Coleman, Christopher A

Coon, Winford Shane

Copeland, Benjamin Frank

Cornstubble, Douglas Ray

Cross, Douglas

Crow, Alan Brent

Crowder, Christopher W

Crowley, Charles Scott

Cummings, Tabatha Louise

Curry, Jennifer Lynne

Danforth, Marcus William

Daniels, Logan Taylor

Davis, Davin Robert

Davis, Michael Steven

Davoult, Billy Don

Delair, Christopher Paul

Deloera, Arturo

Dickens, Kitty E

Dillon, Victor Gene

Dinwiddie, James Dean

Doby, William C Jr

Dollar, Rebelee

Doro, Brian Thomas

Doss, Sandra Khea

Eiss, Aaron Jake

Ellis, Jenny Lin

Euwins, Myron Dwayne

Evans, Donald Scott

Evans, John Henry

Fallis, Richard Barron

Faria, Larry Leroy

Fulton, Shana Diane

Geimausaddle, Bruce Lee

Gercken, Andeline D

Herfel, Katie Marie

Holman, Kevin Wayne

Hurley, Karen Regina

Isaza, Alejandro

Isaza, Dorothy

Jones, Brandy Nicole

Lawrence, Steven Anthony

Mckenzie, Patrick David

Parrish, Victor Lynn G

Reed, Randy Mitchell

Robertson, Altha Lucille

Rodgers, Stephanie Dawn

Smith, Dean Lee

Smith, William Leslie

Swofford, Grant Allan

Tannyhill, Erika Marie

Teague, Kevin Lee

Tipton, Cary Gene

Waddle, Alaria Anastasia J

Westfall, Misty

Whygle, Gary Raymond