Public Records

July 2, 2012

Public Records


June 22-29

• Vandalism, 600 block S. 12th St.

• Found property, S. 5th St.

• Impound vehicle, 600 block S. 6th St.

• Assault and battery upon police officer, 1100 block S. 19th St.

• Driving under suspension, 300 block S. 6th St.

• Vandalism, 1600 block S. 14th St.

• Resisting, interference with a police officer, 1700 block S. 14th St.

• Possession of controlled dangerous substance without a prescription, 2900 block S. 4th St.

• Rape, 1600 block S. 17th St.

• Public drunk, 2000 block S. 4th St.

• Actual physical control of vehicle, 2000 block S. 4th St.

• Found property, 700 block W. Grand Ave.

• Warrant service, obstructing a police officer, 100 block Windsor Dr.

• Protective order violation, 2300 block S. 8th St.

• Domestic abuse, 2700 block S. 16th St.

• Drunken driving, 1000 block N. 12th St.

• Counterfeit money, 400 block S. 4th St.

• Drunken driving, no driver’s license, public drunk, minor in possession of liquor, transporting open container, defective headlights, 2000 block S. 1st St.

• Drunken driving, 800 block W. Oklahoma Ave.

• Possession of stolen property, 1600 block Henderson St.

• Resisting arrest, escaping lawful detention, possession of controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, warrant service, 3200 block S. 4th St.

• Receive information, 100 block N. 6th St.

• Prohibited personation, obstructing a police officer, 600 block W. Grand Ave.

• Publicly inhaling intoxicants, 2500 block S. 17th St.

• No state driver’s license, 800 block W. 17th St.

• Drunken driving, 1300 block S. 4th St.

• Public drunk, obstructing a police officer, S. 6th St.

• Burglary, 900 block W. Dakota Ave.

• Trespass, 300 block W. Kansas Ave.

• Theft, 900 block S. 19th St.

• Vandalism, 900 block W. Colorado Ave.

• Drunken driving, no driver’s license, improper turn, failure to keep right, 1300 block W. Missouri Ave.

• Theft, 1100 block S. 12th St.

• Unauthorized absence, 1200 block W. Missouri Ave.

• Possession of controlled dangerous subsance without valid prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension, no insurance, 1600 block W. Alabama Ave.

• Driving under influence of drugs, false personation, failure to keep right, no license plate lamp, warrant service, possession of marijuana, 1200 block S. Shepherd St.

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Public Records