September 13, 2013

To tell the truth for the Common Good



In any event, the rules were adopted, the bills presented and questions were cut off.  I had several questions on House Bill 1009 that I was not allowed to ask.  I was, and am concerned why we could not make the bill better.  It is a bill that makes assaults by students against teachers and volunteers a misdemeanor, but does not include assaults on other students.  It also includes a provision that a prevailing party in a lawsuit filed against a school or a teacher can receive attorney fees, but does not allow a teacher or volunteer who is assaulted to recover attorney fees if they prevail in a lawsuit against a person who assaults them.

Regardless of whether art imitates life, the names of game shows should not reflect what is happening under the dome.  Sadly, instead of the Common Good, when the dust clears, it will be Deal or No Deal. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve as State Representative.  If you have questions or comments about this issue or any other matter, please contact me at or 405-557-7401.

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