April 27, 2013

Editorial: Tax continuation could only be good for Grady County

The Express-Star

GRADY COUNTY — Taxes are a necessity for any community on the verge of extreme growth, and Grady County is no different.

The South Central Oklahoma Oil Province is going to bring in droves of people with various social and economic backgrounds. There will be more than oil field workers blowing up our population.

With that in mind, we support the continuation of the 1/4 cent sales tax dedicated to the Grady County Fairgrounds. This piece of property is not only essential to the economic and social well being of our county, but is also a historical gem. Starting as World War II prisoner of war camp, this facility is just as closely linked to our community as the Rock Island Depot, or a slew of other locations that receive money for vitalization. For that reason alone it's vastly we maintain this  sales tax so as to preserve the county's heritage.

From an economic standpoint, the citizens can already see the value of the tax. Starting from 1999, when the tax was first instituted, the fairgrounds have grown into a gem capable of hosting a wide array of events the people of Grady County can be proud of.

The facilities bring in millions of dollars worth of revenue to the area each year and a variety of entertainment geared toward the whole family. Obviously, county officials and people like Peggy McMahan have been good stewards of the money allocated to the Grady County Fairgrounds since the origination of this tax more than a decade ago.

Their plans for the future are even more grandiose than those we've seen, but equally plausible. Given that the tax is simply a continuation and not an increase we see no reason to vote this down as The Grady County Fairgrounds will serve to bring in more than enough revenue to offset the money taken from the citizens via the tax.

We fully support the continued vitality of the fairgrounds and look forward to covering more unique events on the premises in the future, which hopefully, at some point, will be another round of midget wrestling.

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