March 14, 2013

Key to driver safety is merging lanes

The Express-Star

GRADY COUNTY — We think it's high time the state of Oklahoma changes the way frontage roads run along highways.

The two lane frontage roads prove to be confusing for drivers and in  Grady County alone, there have been two fatality accidents due to this confusion in the last four months.

This stems from drivers crossing the two-way frontage roads and assuming they are crossing a portion of the highway. The mislead driver then unwittingly makes a turn into oncoming traffic.

The process of crossing four lanes of traffic in order to get on a highway is an arduous one that can confuse any driver.

We think an easy solution this problem would be to build merging lanes from the frontage roads that allow drivers to enter highways without having to cross multiple lanes of traffic.

We realize this could create an inconvenience, but the benefits far out way the cost. Drivers who currently cross four lanes of traffic to reach their intended direction on a highway would simply have to make a u-turn at the first possible convenience on the highway.

This is a minor irritation when weighted against the possibility of saving lives.

We believe this method would create much safer driving conditions and hope the state will take these suggestions to heart before more deaths occur.

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