December 11, 2013

Editor stranded in ice storm experiences truest form of humanity



Lunch was being served when I returned. This time the meal consisted of turkey casserole, green beans, sweet potatoes, fruit, pork loins and pie. It was a feast. It was more than I ever expected.

After lunch I spoke with two highway patrol men who told me Highway 56 was icy, but passable. I thanked them and my new friends at the shelter. I set out at 3 p.m. and managed to make it over the hills on Highway 56. Trucks had blasted and salted the streets shortly before I reached IH-75, which made the rest of the journey simple.

Later that night, Flanagan called me to make sure I arrived safely. His level of caring knew no bounds.

I am in no way a religious man. I like to say I’m a deist that masquerades as an agnostic. But Flanagan, Clark, Blaylock and the other volunteers I met during this grand adventure showed me what it means to care for your brothers. They showed me the beauty of truly practicing what you preach. I don’t know if I’ll ever experience an event like this again, but should I ever start to lose faith in humanity I have a group of people I was lucky enough to meet that will quickly restore it.

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