October 5, 2012




Why bore yourself with baseball when football is on - Lauren

Baseball may have once been considered America's pastime, but that is no longer the case. Football is not only the better sport, it provides a much more thrilling atmosphere for its fans.

Nothing beats a Friday night football game. The best feeling is when the temperature drops and you're with your family and friends, wrapping up in the bleachers. Or going to the concession stand and treating yourself to some hot chocolate. When the marching band is playing, the crowd is cheering and booing in unison, and the underdog just ran a 40-yard touchdown, what could be a better atmosphere?

Football is the ultimate team sport. Eleven players run and hit their hearts out on every single play. Every player on the field is involved in the game. In baseball games on the other hand, we are basically watching two people play the game while everyone else stands and watches. I'm pretty sure I've seen people napping or reading at baseball games.

I find baseball long, boring and hard to follow. Baseball games are aired almost every day of the week, becoming mundane. Football rules are much simpler, appealing to a much broader audience. Professional baseball players are also more greedy, which makes watching the sport on a professional level much less appealing. There is no salary cap in baseball, therefore smaller teams lose out if they do not have the money.

Football games are also better because they are hardly ever canceled. Football games are played in the sunshine, the pouring rain and even snow.

Even if you can't attend a sporting event in person, watching football on TV is still better. If a sport was ever made for television, it was de football. A more thrilling game, football slows down tackles, zooms in on fumbles and pans out for long distance runs. Baseball is hardly thrilling for one inning, let alone nine.

The overall atmosphere at a football game and the sport itself is fundamentally better. I'd certaintly rather hear "Are you ready for some football!!" than a anti-climatic "Play ball."

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