January 23, 2011

Mayor: 'I trust citizens to make informed decisions'


As most of us are aware, there is an important election scheduled for February 8th for the citizens of Chickasha. 

The proposition proposed would extend our current ¼ cent economic development tax for another five years. Not a new tax, but an extension of what is already in place. 

I am always encouraged when citizens get involved in our political process. Participation is important and every citizen has a right to voice their particular position on an issue. 

I do think, however, it is important that when information is communicated it should be accurate. 

For example, a recent editorial stated that the city has raised utility rates by 10 percent and that this excess may be used for economic development, thus no need for extending this current tax. 

The accurate information is that the city has historically and currently subsidized (operates at a loss) its utilities and thus there is no excess money to be distributed.  

What is more, utility funds are earmarked and are not designated for economic development purposes.

I feel that one of the roles as Mayor is to do everything possible to convey accurate information concerning a particular issue. 

Concerning the February 8th election, my record is clear that I support this extension and it is critical for Chickasha to approve this proposition so we will continue to compete for new jobs. 

However, some of our citizens may be undecided and need more information to make their decision. 

We have established a website,, were accurate information is available concerning this issue. 

On this website you can view a 30 minute program with a panel of citizens discussing the new economic development projects. This program can also be viewed on two different local cable channels (18 and 3). 

We have also mailed several thousand brochures to local citizens that will provide the information people are asking for. 

Also, call me at City Hall and I will be happy to answer any questions. Your local Councilman is another good resource on this issue. 

When citizens make informed decisions the right outcome will take place. 

Please take the time to inform yourself about this important election and its impact on the future of ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. 

I trust our citizens to make the right informed decision. 





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