May 10, 2014

You’re the real MVP... for The Common Good


On Tuesday, May 1, The Daily Oklahoman declared Kevin Durant, “Mr. Unreliable.”  Exactly one week later, on Tuesday, May 8, the NBA announced to the world what Oklahoma City Thunder fans have known for years: OKC’s KD is MVP.

By bedtime the network news, the local news and YouTube had “spanned the globe” with video proof of why we in the heartland love Kevin Durant.

As “our” Number 35 ended his acceptance speech, he turned to Wanda Pratt, his mother, and reminded her that based upon the hand that they were dealt, he was not supposed to be at that podium and she was not supposed to be in that audience.

Before literally millions of witnesses, the hearts of Kevin Durant and his mother communicated as if there were not another living soul for miles around. Free of distraction Kevin focused his love on a mother who had spent her lifetime focusing hers on him.

On a day that coincidentally fell day during Mothers’ Day Week, Kevin told HIS mom, “You made us believe. You kept us off the street. You put clothes on our backs, food on the table. When you didn’t eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us” and fighting back tears, KD humbly proclaimed, “You’re the real MVP.”

Kevin Durant was right.  Facing odds that were so long that many would have given up in despair, Wanda Pratt, did what was necessary to protect, nurture and encourage her two boys toward excellence.

With that same focused passion as “Mama Durant,” teachers in classrooms across Oklahoma strive tirelessly to help their students excel.  We readily accept that Wanda Pratt’s unselfishness and sacrifice was guided by love.

More difficult is a quest to determine why Oklahoma’s classroom teachers rise to the challenge of educating our children despite substandard wages, a lack of societal respect and the onslaught of endless tests designed to debilitate teacher and student morale.

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