September 19, 2012

Food, drinks make for incredible fair time

James Bright
The Express-Star

OKLAHOMA CITY — This review could be very short and sweet. Everyone needs to go to the state fair. It's that simple.

Unfortunately, I doubt my publisher would be overly thrilled if I left it at just that, so let me expound.

First there's the food. It's unhealthy. I mean it is about as far from good for you as food can get, but who cares? That's the point of the fair. No one takes a trip to this annual juggernaut to experience healthy living, so everyone might as well indulge. The huge turkey legs are particularly good this year. I spent a good 30 minutes ripping meat from bone unintentionally doing my best Lord of the Rings dwarf impression.

Then there's the fries. They are made right before the customer. The potato is ground down and the remnants are placed into a deep fryer producing a concoction that is equally large and delicious. Well worth the $7 charge, especially if it's for a whole family.

Lastly there is dessert. The fair does not suffer for lack of options in this department, but personally I recommend the fried oreos. Decked in powdered sugar, I don't really know how to describe them, so I will put it simply. If you lack faith, this dish will make you see heaven.

The food alone is enough to draw droves of people, but in incredible fair fashion there is quite a bit more.

The streets are teaming with shops that provide a bevy of items.

One gentleman creates customized wood carvings. Each includes color and most are under $70. The intricacy of the work is worth far more than that, so it's a bit of steal.

Next there is the issue of alcohol. Beer snobs and consumers of the big three will be equally treated. Good Life Hospitality Group is on hand to provide micro brewed connections that tantalize the taste buds with strong dark beers and soothing light lagers. But there is plenty of Bud Light and Coor's to go around as well. No shortage of adult libations to be found.

Finally there are the rides. I'll be honest, I didn't go on any. I have a fairly weak stomach and I was in no rush to redistribute my fried oreos across the fair. They sure did look like a good time though. The lines were long and kids were drifting toward every imaginable moving object. The rides provide the perfect entertainment for a family.

Really the only downside to the fair is parking. It is beyond brutal. I recommend looking for parking around the fairgrounds, not in the fairgrounds. I paid three dollars to park a half mile away from the gate and it was totally worth it given I would have sat in traffic for 30 minutes to park on the fairgrounds.

Despite this small nuisance, the fair is an incredible experience that everyone will enjoy. Just prepare to feel like a glutton by the end of the day.