September 18, 2012

Editorial: Romney's comments could torpedo his campaign

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — There are many opinions floating around about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments this weekend regarding middle class income and nearly half of the voting populous in this country. We would like to take a little space to express a prediction instead of an opinion.

Romney's presidential campaign is essentially over.

He was asked last week to define the middle class in terms of income. His response, those making between $200,000 and $250,000 a year and less are middle class. We don't feel there is any reason to point out the preposterous nature of this comment.

Instead, we would like to speculate how this will affect Romney's campaign. He has essentially alienated a large portion of voting Republicans. Lumping those who make upwards of $250,000 into a classification that is in no way accurate is offensive to those voters. A large portion of which would have voted Republican in November.

Granted, many still will vote GOP in general election, but his comment will do wonders to sway undecided voters to the left. Romney is no champion of the middle class and President Obama is known for running on that platform - as are all Democrats. These newly inducted "middle class voters" should vote accordingly since obviously the incumbent will embody their causes when Romney will not.

Then there is the video that tore up internet searches yesterday, in which Romney admitted 47 percent of voters were out of his reach and he frankly doesn't care about those people. In fairness to the nominee, he had no idea he was being taped. It was, after all a private fundraiser where these comments were made. Regardless, Romney's comments are deplorable. They will lead people to the conclusion that close to half of the country will not be represented if Romney is elected. Again, some of these are going to be precious undecided voters, which should now sway in favor of Obama.

We are not trying to say who Grady County residents should vote for, nor are we endorsing either candidate. We are simply saying that comments like these are deadly to a campaign, and given that the opinions of undecided voters, who are typical middle class, decide the outcome of an election, it looks like Romney may have prematurely ended his bid for The White House.