January 28, 2013

New sheriff says his administration is off to fast start

GRADY COUNTY — We have been very busy here at the Sheriff’s Office, since being sworn in on Jan. 2, we hit the ground running! I am very proud of our Deputies and what they’ve accomplished so far.

We are here for our citizens and want you to feel welcome at the Grady County Sheriff’s Office.

If  you have a problem, a question or just want to meet me, please feel free to come by the Sheriff’s Office and I will be glad to talk with you. Here are a few things I thought you might be interested in knowing:

On Jan. 4, we were contacted by the District Attorney’s Drug and Violent Crime Task

Force asking for our assistance in a case they were working. We responded immediately,along with the following agencies: the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Working together allowed us to get Craig Williamson and Odell Fish off the streets and both were charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Possession of a Firearm while in the Commission of a Felony. The trafficking charge carries a minimum of 15 years in prison. The weight of methamphetamine was over one pound. Officers also seized a vehicle, two loaded shotguns, and approximately $10,000 in cash. We were pleased to be able to assist with the capture of these two criminals.

The following day when Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes heard about the arrest he contacted me. Sheriff Rhodes advised they were attempting to compile a case on one of the suspects in  their county and asked if we could help. I immediately put him in touch with the District Six Task Force Investigator. With the information provided from our joint arrest the Garvin County  Sheriff’s Office was able to run five search warrants, recovering over $50,000 in suspected drug money, and seized six motorcycles, a stolen trailer out of North Dakota and a 160 acre farm with a house on it.

On Jan. 8, we were assisting the Tuttle Police Department by covering their day shift so they could attend the funeral of one of their officers spouse. A report came in of a possible stolen vehicle and Deputy Sean Knight responded to the call, Deputy Knight located the vehicle at a residence in Grady County. Deputy Knight knocked on the door of the residence and it was opened. He identified himself and asked about the vehicle. He entered the residence and located methamphetamine, marijuana, two hand guns, drug paraphernalia and cash. All five persons located in the residence were arrested and taken into custody. Deputy Knight also found four of the five people in the residence were felons and as such were also charged with possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction. Providing backup for Deputy Knight were Deputies Gipson and Dwaileebe, Deputy Hefley was brought in after the arrest to assist in the interview process.

Our Canine Deputy Jason Hefley has also been busy with his drug and tracking dog Smokey, Deputy Hefley has been in contact with most of the County school districts, including Rush Springs, Amber, Bridge Creek, Pioneer and Tuttle. Deputy Hefley and Smokey will be in each of these schools by the end of the month to let the children have a meet and greet with Smokey and also put on a small demonstration of Smokey’s talents. Deputy Hefley also just worked a case in which he recovered some stolen property which a person was attempting to sell the stolen property on Facebook.

As of this time I have assigned three old felony cases, to be re-investigated that I believe will result in new charges being filed. Also, your Undersheriff Rusty Pyle has successfully completed Sheriff’s School and is now back at the Sheriff’s Office taking care of all of the day to day duties. Undersheriff Pyle is more than capable of handling any crisis or problem that may arise. If ever I am unavailable for any reason, rest assured that Undersheriff Pyle can and will assist you to the very best of his ability. Lastly, I would like you to know I am a working Sheriff. I was en route to the Sheriff’s Office on January 16th, when a call came in about a hit and run accident. The victim had followed the suspects vehicle to a residence in our County. I made contact with the victim and detained the suspect until the Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrived to work the accident. I stressed to the voters of this County that I would work with all of the other law enforcement agencies in our area, I have and will continue to keep this promise.

These are just a few of the many things we have accomplished in the past two weeks. Our goal is to keep the public updated on our progress and the things we are doing in your Sheriff’s Office. I am your Sheriff and I am available to you. If I can help you with anything, please don’t hesitate to come by and see me.

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