March 25, 2014

In New Orleans, Katrina victims live out Hollywood eco agenda



In a defense of the project, New Orleans-based architectural writer Martin Pedersen argued that Make It Right has been "aspirational from the start. It was never about building the most houses, the most expediently; never about rebuilding an entire neighborhood ... It was about building for returning residents 150 affordable LEED Platinum houses by some of the world's best architects. It was also about creating a model for sustainable development."

That's another way of saying the Make It Right enterprise is really about eco-evangelism. It's not enough to house the homeless. The victims of Katrina -- in this case, a very small number of them -- must also be shown the benefits of photo-voltaic panels and special concrete and eco-decking (some of which, unfortunately, has already begun to rot). They may be trying to rebuild their lives, but they're living in someone else's agenda.

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