June 11, 2013




Vaping kicks tobacco butts


There was a time when I was a smoker.

I never reached the three-pack a day level, and I feel I always had control over it, but I certainly enjoyed my tobacco use.

Despite this notion, I found it very difficult to quit. I'd manage to avoid cigarettes for a few days and then some unforeseen stress would create a vast and unyielding need to puff.

When I was smoking, e-cigarettes were not readily available. Vapor Lounges hadn't even entered the realm of possibility yet.

For me, that may actually be  a good thing. I could see myself using the flavored nicotine liquid to eliminate my need for tobacco, and never actually quitting the usage.

However, for many smoking is a true addiction, for which there seems to be no cure.

Vaping gives these people an avenue to change this habit and combat this addiction.

Arguments over whether vaping is a safe long-term alternative may be valid. There just isn't enough information to make that sort of judgement yet.

However, if vaping is used as a way to help people wean themselves off tobacco, then I don't see any issue with it.

Utilizing a social setting like a lounge only adds to these efforts, giving people the notion that they are not alone in their struggles, It creates a community to help in the battle, instead of leaving addicted smokers on their own in a frustrated and almost helpless state.

Smoking is near epidemic in Oklahoma. More than a quarter of adults in the state smoke, so why would we as a people be opposed to any opportunity to help to lower this statistic.

The dangers of tobacco use are well documented, so the promotion and use of water vapor as an alternative should be easily implemented and promoted in the name of saving lives.

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