October 1, 2013

Tea Party games about power, not people



There it is. That is the crux of this whole saga with the Tea Party and its influence on Congressional Republicans. This is not truly about the American people, it's about who holds the power. If the Tea Party can throw around its weight and beat its political chest hard enough and long enough, members believe, then Obamacare will be defeated and some twisted form of democracy will prevail.

Why else would Ted Cruz stand for close to a day and speak nonsense on the Senate floor with full knowledge that it was in no way a filibuster? He knew the votes would go forward regardless, and if anything it prevented real talk from happening. That's because it wasn't about standing up for the American people at all. It was about getting his name out there, getting the press coverage, and getting free notoriety when he could so his name would be in the hat for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination battle.

Our country's government is shutting down because the child-like Tea Party has thrown away the ball. They don't want to play anymore, unless it's by their rules and they win. 

In the meantime, no federal government sounds like something right down their alley.

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