June 29, 2014

Over reactions plague all walks of life


Zoos, and basically animal enclosures of all kinds, are a hot topic right now. Special interest groups across the nation are working diligently to shut down Sea World. Leftists view such habitats as dangerous for the creatures that dwell there. 

Personally I like zoos. I think it's a wonderful way to learn about exotic species with a safety net. That being said, I see the need for oversight regarding these facilities from government origination like the USDA. 

However, groups like The Humane Society and PETA tend to just be irritating. They just take it too far. 

This is what we saw this week with the Tuttle Tiger Safari. There were problems, and those problems were rectified. This doesn't mean the place should be shut down, which a Human Society representative told us is their mission. 

Our society has an issue with over reactions. If there is a problem, we tend to favor the shoot the fly with a bazooka approach instead of using bug spray. This has landed us in wars, political dissidence and monetary hell, when a little hard work and guideline rewrite would have solved the problem. 

Tuttle Tiger Safari, like any zoo, will have times when their efforts fall short of code. Chances are they will bring those areas up to snuff and continue to operate, as was the case this week. Shutting these sort of places down without giving them any chance to fix the problem is an over reaction that will hurt small businesses and our populous alike. 

In other news, I would like to reiterate that this will be our last daily print edition of The Express-Star. Starting Monday we will be on a three-day-a-week cycle with issues hitting the racks on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our online edition will continue to be daily. The rest of the staff and I look forward to serving the community with more local news in this capacity. 

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