December 1, 2012

Editorial: Intersection needs light

CHICKASHA — We find an easy solution to preventing future horrific accidents such as Thursday fatal traffic accident. Build a stop light.

We realize that the intersection in question may fall into a bureaucratic no man's land given that it serves a border between Chickasha and Ninnekah, but we think the state, and both cities should come together to do everything in their power from preventing an incident like this from happening again. It is a simple safety issue.

Employees of Morris Motor Sports near the intersection of Pike's Peak and Highway 81 have spoken about the dangers of this intersection. This is not something that should require much deliberation.

Navigating an intersection that is essentially three intersections is dangerous not matter where you are. This particular intersection has the added danger of a long curve distorting driver's southbound view.

There are multiple hazards at work here and it seems that this is a prime opportunity for different government agencies to cooperatively bring safety to a dangerous area.

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