July 12, 2014

Second week of July diverse in stories


As we entered our second week of our new model, I thought it time to shift focus to some local topics desperately in need of illumination. 

We have done some work with Festival of Light recently trying to emphasize the need for donations so this year's celebration goes on without a hitch. Over the holiday weekend, FOL held a wonderful event that was well received and effectively kicked off what will be a series of fund raising opportunities. 

Personally, I couldn't be more happy that their efforts were fruitful. FOL is such a wonderful attraction and is tied directly to the heart of Chickasha and Grady County. I can only hope their continued efforts are a success and they put together a spectacle that rivals past years. 

Moving away from the positive and looking into the more pressing, there is the story of Tommy Raymond. 

This Blanchard man vanished without a trace, and a year on not much has been discovered in regards to his disappearance. My hope was by calling attention to this story a clue or a tip would surface, that eventually would lead to some closure for Raymond's family. 

Sadly, nothing has come up as of yet, but I want to encourage anyone with information on Tommy's disappearance to call the Blanchard Police at 405-485-9391. 

Lastly we covered two stories revolving around health care. First, Jessica Lane covered the incredible folks at Shanoan Springs Nursing Home who not only help residents, they rehabilitate them. A far too common thought is once the body reaches a certain age rehabilitation is not an option. The employees at Shanoan Springs defy this logic. 

Then there was Jessie's story on home health. Easy to see the value there. Health care is such a gigantic portion of our modern conversation, and it's heart warming to see multiple businesses doing their best to succeed in this area.

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