January 30, 2013

Editorial: Leaderless organizations could kill what makes Chickasha so appealing

CHICKASHA — Over the last few weeks we have seen what we hope does not become an alarming trend in the administration of local organizations and events.

With the resignations of Laurie Allen from Main Street and the Rock Island Arts Festival seemingly leaderless we find ourselves a little worried about the future of these and other Chickasha staples.

Local citizens and representatives need to take up and support local organizations and events to the fullest extent possible in order to maintain their success. The last thing anyone would want to see is the failure of Festival of Light due to a lack of interest.

We are not putting blame anyone directly, but a lack of leadership and a what seems to be lack of the interest from the community could kill all that identifies Chickasha from other cities in the state.

We believe this city to have a unique and wonderful populous and we want to see those people participating in events across the board.

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