April 15, 2014

Weir speaks on good traffic stops do for society

The Express-Star


On the law enforcement side the county was fairly quiet last month. There was an incident which may not have seemed of great importance to many, but I would take exception to that. Shortly after midnight, while most of us were sleeping, on that long stretch of highway 81 between Pocasset and Minco, Deputy Sean Knight was watching over the county. He observed a vehicle speeding not too extreme but enough to justify a stop. Now, I realize many people think traffic enforcement is just a way for governments to generate additional income. I will not deny that is one of the results but in the grand scheme of things it accomplishes so much more. This is one of those cases. Deputy Knight could have overlooked this minor violation. He could have just gone on into Chickasha for coffee and a donut. He did take action and stopped this vehicle. Inside he found the grandfather driving, grandmother next to him with their ten month old grandchild in the back seat. Deputy Jason Hefley backed him on the initial stop and Deputy Brittany Mayer was called to assist and the child was properly taken into protective custody. The problem was the grandparents had been consuming beer and smoking marijuana while transporting their grandchild. Deputy Knight’s dedication to duty could have very well saved that child‘s life. At the very least it brought what was probably an ongoing occurrence to a quick end. So, just remember the next time you are stopped for that minor traffic violation, that law enforcement officer is doing it for the greater good of his community, not just to generate revenue. 

We did get a chance to attend some events this past month, Lieutenant Johnnie Drewery and my Public Relations officer Lisa Hatchett had the opportunity to go to the Friend Fire Department fundraiser. We love to attend community events and support them whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Lisa was also able to represent the Sheriff’s Office at the City of Chickasha’s ribbon cutting and unveiling of the newly renovated Washita Valley Community Building. It truly is a beautiful building and will be an asset to the community. 

We have written about the Reserve Academy previously and they will be graduating soon. One of things they did in the course of their training was Courtroom Practicums, we really appreciate Judge Richard Van Dyck, Assistant District Attorneys Leah Edwards, Cortnie Siess and Amanda Mullins. They came in after hours to help our Academy with courtroom procedures. I really enjoyed getting to watch the practicums and we can’t say enough good things about the working relationship we have with our District Attorney’s office. It’s great to be able to work with all of the other agencies in our County.

As always, if you would like to visit with me, give me a call or come by my office. My door is always open.