November 11, 2012

Wee Care witch hunt needs to end

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — As is the case with almost every controversial crime there comes a time when people take their retribution too far.

We find the actions of those who called and harassed mother Whitney McClure for sending a note home with the children of Wee Care to solicit donations for the directors and staff to be appalling.

We are in no way advocating the actions allegedly perpetrated by Kaitlyn Murphy, nor do we find fault with Desira Gwin, the mother of a child whose arm was broken in an incident at Wee Care. She is also the woman that placed McClure's note on Facebook. We sympathize with Gwin's irritation regarding this whole unfortunate incident.

The note contained McClure's phone number and some how found its way onto Facebook group Chickasha Buy, Sell, or Trade.

We do find fault with dozens of people that called harassing McClure for hours earlier this week to express their outrage over her actions. McClure is simply a mother with a good heart that loves her day care and offered a kind gesture in hopes of alleviating some of the stress of those employed at Wee Care. Again we are not condoning, or advocating the incidents at Wee Care, but just because one former employee is accused of committing horrible atrocities, doesn't mean every Wee Care employee is guilty.

We want to see the perpetrator or perpetrators of these heinous crimes brought to justice, but we have no interest in covering a witch hunt.

Sadly, that's what this situation has become. Due to the sensitive nature of the incidents at Wee Care we find it natural that emotions would run high. However, this does not excuse anyone from their actions that could be construed as both offensive and possibly criminal.

Law enforcement agencies in Grady County are working diligently to see justice done is this case. They don't need citizens exacting vigilante justice on innocent people like McClure, or others associated with Wee Care.

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