November 8, 2013

The Spirit of the BB-48 for the Common Good



What makes the story of the USS West Virginia so special is that through the grit and determination that defines our veterans and the service that they have given our country, at Pier F-6 on Battleship Row, a ship that lay settled into the mud at the bottom of the harbor with little more than a U.S. Flag visible was raised and repaired.  The spirit of BB-48 parallels the spirit of our veterans from every war and conflict from the time of the War for Independence down to the current engagements.

The amazing story is that the West Virginia did the things that she is known for AFTER she was sunk. Don’t think for a second that the spirit of Captain Bennion was not present when the flag was raised at Iwo Jima.  That is the same spirit that gives Americans purpose and validity.  It is the spirit of compassion that was present when General MacArthur proclaimed the end of a war that claimed 72 Million deaths and that delivered veterans home safely at the end of a horrible world war.

Our veterans embody that spirit of sacrifice and endurance.  We must do our part to be unified behind them.  All veterans, like Captain Mervyn Bennion, are permanently woven into the fabric of history.  They fought for freedom and social justice.  They gave of themselves. The least that we can do is graciously thank them and remember their sacrifices. Surely we are able to put aside partisan politics and petty differences to pull together for that same spirit of common purpose 

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