December 7, 2012

Editorial: SCOOP should bring prosperity to Grady County

GRADY COUNTY — We find ourselves excited at the prospect of a new oil boom.

The recent discovery of the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province, which starts from Grady County and goes all the way south of Ardmore, has the potential to generate billions of barrels of oil.

Some may be intimidated by this prospect, as it will surely lead to a temporary, but obvious increase in Grady County's population and all of the the issues associated with such an increase.

Granted, tis sort of  leap forward can produce terrible growing pains. Crime will most likely rise simply due to the increase in population. Construction in industries such as housing and retail will have to begin to accommodate our new residents and roads will become more congested.

The key is this is still growth. These irritations, although annoying, will be well worth the increased tax dollars and overall economic stimulus such a boom would bring to Grady County.

Every community in this region will see the same prosperity coupled with the same problems. It's important to remember that we as a community are not alone on this frontier. Government officials across this stretch of land are preparing for the inevitable, and our local officials are no different.

We commend our city council and Mayor Hank Ross for proactively working with companies interested in drilling in Chickasha and Grady County. They have seen the writing on the wall and are not ignoring it. New housing developments are already in the works.

Oklahoma as a whole has seen recent economic prosperity, and with today's technology many say we are on the cusp of an oil boom that would rival that of the 80's.With this in mind, we welcome any new businesses in Chickasha and Grady County resulting from this prosperity. Relevancy is key to a community's political and economic survival, and we think this boom could make Chickasha and Grady County relevant for many years to come.

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